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Long-Term Disability Insurance Denials

Long-Term Disability Claims Are Often Denied
SEATTLE (ESTRA) - The days can become long after being involved in a traffic collision when injuries are sustained.  The mind is typically ready to go back in time where no pain or suffering from injury exists.  Yet, the body needs time in most cases to find its way back to recovery.  The six to eight months of short-term disability for most people allows time to accept current condition, and those who can see the end of an injury, can once again dream about restoration of perhaps a future that resembles their past, or at least forward movement.

However, people who move into the next stage of Long-Term Disability face a new set of hoops to jump through among other challenges on the average.  Some individuals come to the point of accepting current plight, yet realizing there is still more life in their future.  While others remain lost from being thrown into new situations and are still learning to navigate the tough terrain.  After all, now there are medical appointments, Attorneys, Insurance Companies, unexpected bills, loss of income, Social Security Disability, just to mention a few possible changes.  Indeed, this is a lot of things to handle. 

While most people are inexperience with being in such a situation prior to being thrown into it, one doesn’t have to learn everything through personal experience, especially since so many others have learn about living with a disability and have gained understanding on the injury process.  There is wisdom, knowledge, and support to help navigate problems. 

Intimidation May Be Use In Hopes Of Dropping Claim

Are you afraid because the future seems uncertain? This may be primary reason for enrolling in Employer Group Long-Term Disability Insurance.  Is this uncertainty even more poignant due to being sick or injured? Is very little money available to take care of expenses?  Both daily living care, medical  services, along with of course the unexpected?  Just how are you going to make it?  Now that you are not working and only receiving 60% of wages, and even at 100% of your earned income you barely were making it.  Yes, indeed this is a time for many sick and injured people to worry.  Especially if claims are being delay, denied, or flat out eliminated.  Hasn’t Congress let you down?  Why would they allow Employers to skip out on paying full benefits?  Do they really think most people would choose disability over being employed?  Do they honestly believe that most Disabled Americans are lazy?  Does this account for the larger unemployment rate among disabled than those without?  And how many Employers would do just about anything not to pay out those Long-Term Disability Benefits just to get gain robust bottom lines for their investors, throwing their Employees or typically Ex-Employees by this time under the bus?  Regardless of what facing today, don’t give up or be discouraged.  All of us fall on hard times at one period in our lives.  And guess what?  Most of us make it, even when facing “bad faith” practices, from my perspective, by those authorized to disburse Long-Term Disability Benefits.   The explanations many Employees receive about their benefits can be a marked contrast when filing for them.  Most Employees feel some level of safety and security prior to making a claim for their benefits.   However, when desperately needing money from this claim, pulling teeth from a shark perhaps would be easier.   One important factor is learning as much as possible about the process, in particularly, your rights regarding Long-Term Benefits.  Insurer’s payout ratio to those filing claims, the actual amount you will qualify for if becoming injured or sick,  who is your insurer, and how willing they are to pay out claims.

Video Record Constant Harassment

Another important factor is the integrity of your insurer.  Perhaps there have been tell-tale signs along the way.  Do they discourage employees from using benefits in their program?  If services are used more than they prefer, do they pull those items from the Employee Benefit Package?  Are cost constantly increasing each year to the point that you are barely able to keep food on the table?  Once Employees do become disabled in your company, are they supported?  Or do they look for ways to terminate this Employee? 

Also, are most Employees benefits terminated after being on Long-Term Disability after two years?  If required to apply for Social Security Disability and are denied the first time, do they continue to pay out claim?  Most people are denied SSDI on their initial request, which most Employers know.  Or do they say, you are not disabled, immediately terminate benefits, and request reimbursement for benefits received?  Yes, all these things are possible.  Did you know this?  Compassion and understanding are not always present at a time when needed most by the sick and injured.

This road can be a long hard road with little help and few resources.  Does life seem unfair to many injured or sick people?  For centuries life has not been fair, but this should not stop you from dreaming and reaching to achieve it.  In past generations, many people with disability were not permitted to participate fully in society.  And still today, they are many places where many face exclusion.  Yet many doors are open.  ADA made it so fewer public places can design buildings which hinder people with physical difficulties to enter places of business.  And, more people are aware of the impacts of exclusions on individuals and realize that when we respect each and other, and provide opportunities in an unbiased way, we can all learn from it.  Bringing unique skills to the table can provide many people a new point of view that sparks creativity, and allows new ways of not only viewing the world, but positively influence actions within it.  So consider taking it one day at a time.  Will everyone accept your strengths and weaknesses? Probably not.  But you are not in this world for them.  These types will always be there.  It is those who seek to improve their journey, to enrich the lives of those people whom they come in contact with, and to indeed make our world a better place, not just in words, but in deeds.  This is the growth that is work seeking, and you must reach for it, and hold on.  

Any Type Of Vehicles Are Used

Life can be like a roller-coaster.  And at the end of ride, realize what you can be live through, how much learned, in addition to giving and receiving.  However, getting through the process of Long-Term Disability will be a fight for the benefits deserved.  So, what can you do about the ups and downs faced through this process?  Never get too discourage.  Stay focus on efforts.  Realize sometimes things will go well, and view staying in bed as another option at other times.  Evaluate what you have learned from the situation.  Realize the companies coming up against have been in this game for a very long time.  In fact, they have made a lot of mistakes, but have learned how to perfect the approach to Long-Term Disability Claims.  Add more legal representation, money, and skilled human resource individuals who more than likely have done
this too many times to count. 

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