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You & Relationships After A Car Accident

Relationships can continue inspite an injury in a Car Accident.

SEATTLE (ESTRA) - Living life normally is disrupted temporarily or permanently after a car accident.  It’s certainly a time of confusion, pain, suffering, and most times financial loss.  These hardships may affect relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and any other people you meet after a traffic collision.  This tragic situation can be used to strengthen relationships rather than become overwhelming for either of you.

Stepping back and reviewing the situation brings focus and remedies to difficult issues.  Honest communication along with patience goes a long way in providing personal growth and bonding.  The balance of your relationships may have temporarily changed, therefore may require adjustments going into the future.  One thing is guaranteed in life, which is changes in circumstances.  One must make the decision to come out better on the other side of this unforeseen course detour in life.

Making investments in relationships takes time, energy, and active participation.  However, when recovering, you may take this time for yourself in order to get better.  Yet, relationships are an important part of your life, too.  Therefore, learning to adjust with this new situation, and viewing this from a positive perspective may create a renewed satisfaction with the relationship by an increase of trust, assistance, and working together through your ordeal.

Relationships involve people who assist us in our recovery, who face the challenges with injured, and make journey to restoration easier.  Communication with these individuals first starts with understanding your own experiences and what they mean to you.  If knowledgeable on condition, progression, and length of time to restoration or transition, sharing this with those around you helps them to learn the process and tools they may need to help you, but also themselves through this journey. 

Why is it when one looks or acts differently. they are discounted?  First impression, can indeed be deceiving.  Yet, an open mind perseveres, opening doors and a greater understanding of ourself in additon to others.  Whatcha see isn’t always what you get, each person’s composite of  physical or mental makeup cannot always be seen or immediately understood. 

Getting to know a person will provide insight to make better relationships.  People with different perspectives can provide growth opportunities that may enrich your life in ways you never dreamed of, even car accident situations.

The biases learned early in life, may need to bediscarded, and a new mindset and frame created.  A mindset allowing evaluation based on content of character, integrity, and respect.  The saying, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover may have merit if you give it a try.

Many biases stem from old caricatures developed for someone else’ best interest.  For generations, Afro-Americans have be placed into many of these boxes.  Unfortunately, there are still many out there, but it is also easier today, to be judge on your own merits, when given a chance. 

Are disabled relationships any different than others?  In my opinion, no.  You have people coming together, and looking for a connection that makes life better for both of you.  And that is what counts.  I suspect when disabled are giving the same opportunities as many in our populations, the stereotypes will decrease, and a clearer, more honest, picture of the disabled will emerge.

Everyone has strengths and weakness that make up our skill sets.  The question is, which are your preferences? 

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