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What do you really know about GEICO?

How will Auto Insurance Company treat you after traffic collision? Can you trust them?

SEATTLE (ESTRA) --When companies began using credit scores, consumers could not have imagined just how far into their personal lives and the amount of data collected regarding their financial, employment, personal, and insurance history not to mention GPS Tracking, Surveillance, and whatever some can get their hands on. American citizens hold their privacy dear, and could not have realize that in only a generation, most anything in their lives is only a computer click away. It’s common for Auto Insurance Companies to determine what they will charge by reviewing credit score, which contains historical information on incomes, jobs, credit limits, payment history, and whatever they can legally place for review by those requesting access into your life.

Currently, Auto Insurance is now required for most drivers.  Many people who seek Insurance Coverage do not realize what their rights and responsibilities are when entering into an agreement with corporations.  This extends to credit cards, mortgages, loans, or insurance.  In my opinion, until being involved in a serious accident, few people realize importance of an insurance company which operates in “good faith” to a claim.  Second, many carriers spend millions of dollars in advertising to create an illusion that in my opinion mesmerizes the consumer.  This works until these expectation come crashing down when reality meets commercial. 

The best defense in a difficult situation when dealing with corporations, including insurance companies, is to know the rules and your rights.  This typically takes time, and a traffic collision is not a good time to make this discovery.  When injured one is vulnerable and some people may take advantage of you.  Many companies hope policyholders will give up, get too discourage, especially when dealing with the deep pockets of these organizations.  Therefore, focus on recovery, staying afloat financially, and learning as much as possible about your situation, and those people handling claims.  Learn the rules which govern insurance companies in the state where living and federal laws.  So if told inaccurate information, being knowledgeable provides ability to advocate for yourself.  

Unfortunately, when it comes to money, having to pull it from the hands of insurance companies because some would prefer to keep it rather than pay claims, is an acquired skilled on knowing your rights, informing them that you know them, and standing up for benefits. 

Many of the poor and the new poor which use to be the middle class, are ill-informed and rely on people who’s trust level and integrity could use improvement, leaving many disenfranchised, still injured, in a worse physical and/or financial position, along with possible additional deception afoot.   From my perspective, the average person could not imagine facing many of these difficulties and have not acquired skills to manage these situations.  Through it all, remember you are the most important person in this equation, so take care of yourself, and do not give up.   As long as you don’t lose hope and continue fighting for a fair claim, this is the best thing anyone could do, so be proud.  Although Auto Insurance Companies cannot be forced to do the right thing, perhaps the Insurance Commissioner in your state, judge, or public opinion can. Choose options that best fits your needs and desires.  Remember to share anything learned with other injured people who will come after you, because greed never changes.

From my perspective and experience, auto insurance companies view paying small claims as a good will gesture.  From the insured point of view, it builds credibility and trust that carriers are willing to payout in case of a serious accident.  But is this true?  From my experience, the more costly a claim, the less chances an auto insurance company is willing pay in timely manner, which could reduce your pain and suffering.  In fact, pain and suffering may become a longtime companion, because some carriers may believe this will wear injured out.  Knowing what is important to you, and the goals you to accomplish is where to keep focus.  Use this opportunity to move forward wherever this journey leads.  There will be people around you with self-preservation on their minds.  Do not be bother by this, those will be there issues.   Yours is to restore life and dreams. 

Geico – What do you really know about this carrier?  Do they have more earnings than Warren Buffet’s Secretary does?  You betcha!  Will they pay out small claims?  Will they pay out large claims?  One thing is certain, Geico has enough profits to pay out claims.  From reviewing the number complaints online, there will be some policyholders subjected to great disappointment.  However, when too many insured do not receive the respect and dignity they deserve from any carrier, a “good faith” insurance company is also willing to accept your premiums.  So before you need to file a claim, make sure to investigate the company pass their commercials.

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