Sunday, July 28, 2013

Inequality In America, Can We Change?

Injustice For Too Many Disabled?

SEATTLE (ESTRA) - When President Obama spoke out about his experience of being stereotyped or profiled, as in the case of Trayvon Martin, I began to think how many people have be subjected to false perceptions.  I thought as a black woman in America of the many experiences rarely mentioned.  For example, stereotype dictates many African American Women as "strong". I suspect, as with any individual subjected to a particular circumstances, one either learns to stand up and fight against it, endures being disrespected, or find some other means to tolerate the behavior, as so many people have in this country.            

It is nice to know current generations have a preference to compete on a level playing field.  They know it’s only then "real" success may truly  beat out "unfair" competition.  When monopolies have the upper hand which allow unfair play, only to tout a victory that began with advantages, does not give the satisfaction of knowing everyone truly had the same opportunities, and crème really does rise to the top. 

This happens when the people currently disadvantage stand up and vote to make it right for everyone.  Yes, things can change, but only if you believe in it enough to say, rigged elections will not be tolerated, or voting districts set up to insulate those afraid of playing on a fair field.  It really is up to you to stand up for what is right.  Otherwise, there is no reason for those who think privileges are given a birth and continues until death.  This wasn’t how the west was won.  Although there are many unfair practices against people of color, including never getting that acre and a mule, Lord knows it was earn many times over.  But it is the future that we must be concerned with, a future now tarnished for a generation who’s dreams have laid waste because a few have decided sharing the wealth is no longer an American Dream.  I say, they are wrong.  And,  the only way to prove this is for the average citizen to vote. 

By knowing what an official stands for means knowing what to expect.  Pay attention to see if actions match up with their deeds.  The inequality experience by disabled, minorities, women, or the poor of all races must change.  It begins with action by and for the people. 

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