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You & Your Car Accident

SEATTLE (ESTRA) --Every year do you search for the best Auto Insurance Rates?  Is your goal to find the best ways in keeping cost down?  If so, this is a good time for locating Insurance Companies known for their "Good Faith Practices" of protecting injured or sick Policyholders. Furthermore, this is important when selecting an Employer who is also your Insurance Company because they also pay out Short-Term or Long-Term Disability and Healthcare Claims.

When placing your life today or your future in the hands of an Insurance Company of any type, in my opinion, it’s imperative to know their past history regarding treatment of their insured.  Do Investors come first or do Policyholders?  Is there a dollar threshold amount where instead of operating on insured behalf, they begin becoming concern with their bottom lines?  How will their actions affect your ability to survive on a daily basis?  And will you be in any condition to take on additional physical or emotional stress due to demands of an Insurance Carrier?  Do these organizations bow completely to a Computerized Model to handle their claims, or place more emphasis on a “Good Faith” Model with more human intervention?
From my perspective, this is a major reason to investigate a company before signing up for their services.  What affect have insurance advertising seen on TV, Online, Radio, or other public outlets had on your choices?  Are their ads matching up to their actions?  Are you as safe and secure as the advertisement betrays?  Before placing your signature on the bottom line of their contract there may be a few questions to ask them.

In fact, review their policies for content, clauses, and how much of it contains protected language on their behalf instead of yours.  Discuss it with Insurance Company in detail before signing.  Realize reading before leaping into a contract in this situation, may be the difference between surviving a bad accident and loosing most of what you have accomplished.  Take your time and read the contract carefully in order to make a decision which is best for you and your family.  Or, at least, recognize the downside of it.

A Good Faith Practicing Insurance Company, in my opinion, is worth their weight in platinum.  The suffering they can eliminate in your life can be significant, influences physical recovery, and allow some balance until family structure is stabilized.  When there is a safety net, which responds quickly to provide care for your needs, from my perspective, makes a difference in the quality of life after a traumatic event. 

By choosing an organization that values the human condition and the impact of tragedy on life, means more-than-likely, they will live up to their part of contract with you.  This contract made a deal to protect you in case of a catastrophic event, such as when their insured is involved in a car collision, therefore, protecting your interest while processing your claim, whether it is your fault or another driver’s.

Customers uniting by moving our business to Insurance Carriers and working for Employers who have a reputation of treating the injured and sick fairly, sends a strong message that the status quo of those organization’s operating in “Bad Faith” will no longer be accepted.  From my point of view, too many claims are currently ignored, downplayed, or dismiss needs of their insureds.  Do not let this be you in time of need. 

Seek out “Good Faith “Companies which keep you informed every step of the way in claim process, share their findings, and expectations on how they will handle your claim.  Organizations with your best interest at heart, realize you are not just a claim number but a human being with urgent needs and require their immediate attention.  They seek out ways to help you get back on your feet and reduce their cost, not attempts to withhold their care that cause greater problems for you to address.

If you search on “Good Faith” Practices of Insurance Companies there will be few articles listed.  Sadly, if you do another search on “Bad Faith” Practices you find too many.  Why is this?  If counting responses from satisfied vs. dissatisfied customers on this search, standard ratio levels are atypical.  It takes respecting yourself and others to turn these numbers around, from my point of view. 

From my perspective, if any Insurance Carrier or Self-Insured Employer wants to improve the levels of dissatisfaction among the insured.  One goal would be to develop a model that generates an interest to discuss how to handle claims in a way which uplifts their insured from their car accident plight.  In my opinion, this will generate more articles and conversation about their  “good faith “ efforts via  actions and deeds that demonstrate the industry’s willingness to perform their fiduciary responsibilities at level which far exceed the vast number of “bad faith” claims.  

Making not just an advertisement that says they care, but base on customers standing behind them.  Check you State’s Insurance Commissioners Website for Complaints.  Many have information on what to look for

How difficult is it for people to respect each other?  Personally, I believe it begins with having pride and respect in one’s own actions and behaviors individually and organizationally.  Realize one day, you will be at the mercy of others, and will need them to resolve your issues with integrity and fairness.

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