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You & Politics

SEATTLE (ESTRA) -- Politics is define by The Oxford Dictionary as, “The activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between parties having power, the activities of governments concerning the political relations between states.  A particular set of political beliefs or principles.  The principles relating to or inherent in a sphere or activity, especially when concerned with power and status. Activities aimed at improving someone’s status or increasing power within an organization.”

Is politics in the Capital really representing you, as an individual? Or, The United States as a Country?  Are decisions made in Congress, leading the world?  What impact are their decisions having specifically on your life?  Are you ultimately responsible?  Have you taken your role seriously by voting?  What is Congress’ voting record on Disability?  Will you vote in 2014 to improve the conditions of your country, holding your Congressional Representatives responsible?

Did our politics allow the dumbing down of America?  Moving jobs abroad for greed by using automated systems, only to learn the skills and knowledge US Citizens uniquely developed over generations is not easily replaced.  Yes, in my opinion, there are many unanswered questions when it comes to "You & Politics".        
Unfortunately, political decisions in many ways, has broken down our economy by almost completely eliminating working class personal gain, thus leaving Americans hungry, homeless, jobless, and with a great deal of hopelessness.  However, the determination and ingenuity of this population will prevail.  People are creative despite having to pick up the pieces, which means finding their own path to restoration.  However, once restored, from my view, citizens will remember their survival is loss when giving those who live by the creed of greed and have more interest in their own political careers  than the people and country they are a part of, and therefore, evaluate them in the future by their actions and deeds.

Are you poor? Do you realize you are not alone? Recognize that currently this is a very large pool of people in our society.  In fact, you have a great deal of political power as a group if choosing to use it.  Make the decision to should run for Political Office and protect your interest.  Help this country create justice for all.

Are you Middle Class? Yes, you too can run for Political Office.  Use your knowledge for the betterment of everyone instead of taking care of the wealthy.  In this way, our society will become more fair and just.

Are you wealthy? Do you believe in opportunities for everyone?  You’ve gotten here by having a chance to grow and realize potential.  Everyone deserves this chance. Help create a respected global power, a country people from other places will come and enjoy new citizenship, because our society will display equality for all people..

In my opinion, when a society chooses to prey on poor, disabled, or those who start from a disadvantaged position, one can begin to see a decline morally and economically.  It is our Political System’s  job  to keep a balance for all its people. 

Interest rates for borrowing are astronomical for the working class and interest paid on investment, create enormous wealth for a few.  People recognize this injustice.  These wealth takers are getting more from the fabric our society than they are giving. What kind of satisfaction can this bring?

When political processes do not protect its most vulnerable citizens, but decided that a Secrester is more important for a few, and too big to fail, did not bring enough destruction to those who work hard daily in order to hold our country together, then it’s time for a change in the people in our politics.

In the wild, wild, west, we had guns, but most people used them responsibly, and held themselves to a higher standard, meaning they had self-respect and the majority of people stood up for what was best for everyone.  No one would stand by as innocent children are killed because of laws that protect those who disrespect life.  How civilized are we today?  Have we gone backwards instead of forwards?

What direction is Politics going today?  Take time to learn what is going on in your community.  What impact is it having on your family?  What does your participation in politics look like?  What does it mean to your family, friends, and community? What will you do today?  Is this how we got here?  Is leaving it up to someone else without follow-through review a good decision?  By all means, get involved now.  It really is about you.  Really, it is. Does it matter whether you are able or disabled?  No.  Does it matter whether poor or rich? No.  Again, does it matter your skin tone?  No.   In my opinion, the answers to these questions are absolutely not. 

What does matter, is that you act today.  Choose to speak out about disability harassment and intimidation by Insurance Companies or Employers, in addition to speaking out on hunger, homeless, and joblessness.  Many people are in a world of hurt right now.  Talking is good, but action is better. 

Support Political Officials who vote on issues that help you.  Be sure to frequent businesses that pay a living wage.  Yes, you have political power, in fact, a lot of power.  However, will you use it?  On the other hand, will you give it up to someone who is not working in your best interest, thus, may be working against you?

What will you do right now to get involved in Politics?  What does it take? You.  Yes, just you.  Start by simply following what your Representatives are doing.  

I can almost guarantee that before you know it, a niche is found. A topic close to your heart will be revealed and a place where your talents will be useful. There is very large pool of concerns in our country, which need you to be a part of the process to address and resolve them.  Are you missing in action? Help this country get on the right track.  A track of equality for all. 

It really is about you, from a injury recovery experience to a political perspective. This world needs every one of us.  Do not leave your spot empty.  A vacant place at the political table is a missed opportunity for you and for those needing your support.  You matter. You count.

Let us make politics work for all people, which means your support and efforts will make a big difference in making dreams come true for all us.

How would I, ESTRA define politics? “A government comprised of the Poor, the Middle Class, and the Rich.  Made up of Native-Americans, Asians-Americans, Hispanics-Americans, Pacific Islander-Americans, African-Americans, White-Americans, & Multi-Ethnic-Americans, all are Americans. Policy and legislation is written to protect and serve all people, and the strength and power produced from their work, make this entire world a better place to live."  

Personally, I look forward to an inclusive place where everyone has a place in our Politics and their values and opinions are implemented into the fabric of our society, eliminating today’s exclusions.”

Be sure to leave ESTRA your comments today, and come back again real soon!

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