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Faith/Courage Through Adversity & Disability

Seattle (ESTRA) -Faith and/or courage, in my opinion, are thrust to forefront when dealing with the circumstances of a car collision.  Emotions run high.  Confusion sets in.  All of a sudden, either fear or courage grows within.  Do you seek out help or stay self-reliant? Are you vunerable to Insurance or Self-Insured Employers, because of blind trust?

The options chosen, from my perspective, stems from faith and/or courage, along with determination.  How do you view this car accident? Was it your fault? Or the other Drivers? Are you or they injured?  Are you or the driver cited by the police? How much support is there at the scene of a car accident?  This initial interaction can set the stage of future situations.

Next, how are you being treated by your insurance, other driver's insurance carrier, or your employer?  Now, worried about your life?  Where do you go from here?  Are you able to go back to work?  How financially stable are you?  Do you have medical insurance if needed?  How high is stress level? Becoming overwhelmed?

Do you stop for a moment, pray, and seek guidance? Or become outraged over the situation and decide on a path going forward? Determined to see this incident through to the end?  Not allowing delays, denials, intimidation, harassment by insurance companies, or self-insured employer to stop a fair and equitable outcome? Albeit, their tactics can place you in a difficult situation?

From my point of view, depending on knowledge about this process, abilities to handle “car accident games” that come ones way, and emotional strength to go through it, begins with   exposure and content of character. The courage, faith, and determination to get through it, managing possible injuries, pain, suffering, lack of resources or support, depends on what this car collision has taken from you, and what is needed to move forward.

Only you can decide how to deal with circumstances.  Recognizing which options best fit personal needs.  Because when it’s all said and done, regardless of what anyone else recommends, it will be you living with the consequences. Listen to advice of others, but remember, no matter which scare tactics are applied in order to achieve an agreement, the final decision to accept it will always be yours. 
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"I have to live with myself, and so, I have to be fit for myself to know".  Meaning, do your best, have no regrets, stay the course and use faith, courage, or determination to keep you going through a rollercoaster experience like no other.  

Many of these players have been in the "car accident game" for years, and typically, not easy to out think them.  But you don’t have to. Know what is fair and equitable and stand your ground.  Yes, they will wait you out if possible until you have great, great, grandchildren. Personally, I believe some lack integrity and self-respect. Thus, greed being their only master. 

Actually, your life does not depend on them.  Continue on in the best way possible.  They are not your God.  And, if you made them so, consider re-evaluating choice.

Start from where you are now.  Use resources at your disposal.  If there aren’t any or very few, do what you can.  Will it be enough? Not always.  But it’s better than placing  life hopes on an Industry that would rather you suffer than do the right thing, from my point of view.

Share your discoveries with others, therefore, bringing awareness to avoid possible pitfalls. Seek out companies who treat their customers with respect and dignity.  It’s more important tell others about these, thus, more people can invest their money there, too. 

It’s not about commercials that easily communicate an illusion, not the reality of how they treat insureds.  How they take care of you when injured, requiring car repairs, or auto replacement is important.  It’s really about You, not their bottom line.  It doesn't have to be at opposite ends of the spectrum.  All we need is respect and a willingness to act in fairness.

In summary, one mind set is the framework of getting through a car accident.  Ones faith, courage, or both set the stage for how one will proceed through process and final impact.  You cannot control what others may say or do.  In some cases, information told may not necessarily be accurate.  However, decide to stay on path through faith and/or courage, along with determination of being treated fairly.  

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