Sunday, August 12, 2012

Car Accident With Harassers? - Disability Counter Surveillance

Nature's Beauty Can Help Re-Focus After Trauma.

Seattle (ESTRA) - You've been watching harassers get into accidents, but never thought they would hit your vehicle.  Never say never, it can happen to you.  Instead of supporting the cause of their employer, now they have created more problems by creating another direct link to them.  This is not only a problem for them, but you. This impacts your health.  

First and foremost, take care of yourself. Whether this was intentional or an accidental collision on their part, (truth can be stranger than fiction), you are dealing with more emotional and physical pain.  Do not go into  despair, instead get pissed off.  Get better in spite of the recent trauma they've caused. 

If survived in the past, you can survive it now.  Don't give up. It's o.k. to be sad with all you have gone through, who wouldn't be? But don't be victimized by them again. Choose to stand up. Choose to win this battle. No matter how long it takes, no matter the number of setbacks, and no matter the length of recovery. Stand in the face of adversity, and one day, look back and see how very far you've come.  Move forward to a future that brings joy and peace.

By now, you maybe tired of dealing with insurance companies, self-insured employers, or medical care.  But move forward. I know it's hard.  Self-love and patience can help with discouragement, pain, and suffering.  

Yes, harassers may try to harm you.  But internal fortitude will take you pass anything they can dish out.  Stay strong. Heal both physically and emotionally. Keep reading this Blog, Tweets, and learning methods to improve health, protect privacy, and safety tactics which reduce physical and emotional trauma.

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  1. GaretT_T:

    From my perspective, many individuals suffer harassment and intimidation by Insurance Companies and Self-Insured Employers. Harassment 24/7 creates too many opportunities for collisons. Getting hit mutliple times by harassers doubly victimized Disabled. Congress can end this by ERISA Reform, thus, providing consequences for harassment and intimidation behaviors. In my opionion, bullying in order to keep disability benefits hurt the injured and their families.


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