Sunday, February 26, 2012

Disability Counter Surveillance - Appreciation Of The Disabled

Seattle (ESTRA) - Through it all, the disabled find time to show care and concern for others, respect, and love, not necessarily shown to them. Wow. You, the disabled, are appreciated. Many have been victimized. Many try to recover, take care of family, with little finances.  They also deal with insurance companies/employers, pain, suffering, and you're still moving forward. 
The inner strength and courage displayed in everyday living, and to those who are in your life is truly amazing. Through all the struggles, never to waiver, never to give up, but continue to face each obstacle with objectivity and wisdom. Makes many disabled individuals, people to look up to.  Most don't complain much, but plow through the process.  Yet, many don't get the respect deserved.  Just harassment and intimidation.  This does not stop them from obtaining their goals or having a future. 

If no one else tells you today, know that you are appreciated. 

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