Monday, February 20, 2012

Harassers In/Out Without Notice? - Disability Counter Surveillance

Seattle(ESTRA) - Harassers have been trained not to be seen if they don't want to be, and be seen if they choose to.   Depending on their objective and if their agenda is working, a covert or overt plan is implemented accordingly.  In my opinion, their main objective is to intimidate their target so fear overcomes the disabled.  Then, the person retracts their disability claim. Thus, an insurance company or employer no longer pays out the request. 

What level of overt and covert behaviors are harassers displaying? If they are invisible to you, they are learning your behaviors and documenting the places frequented.  Experiencing an uneasiness? Sometimes one becomes aware subconsciously, but has not yet notice harassers. This information is used to be able to arrive at places you're going to before you can get there, park in fixed locations along the way, and determine your most frequent ways back and forth home. 

Do they park in front of your residence and down the road? At all the entrances and exits from your home?  Now they want you to see them.  In this way, they hope you feel trapped and intimidated. And feel they control your entire world. But do they?  They are creating an illusion.  An illusion that you can choose not to believe.  Can they harass you?  Yes the can and do.  Can they try to intimidate you?  At every turn.  But how you internalize this information, and what you do with it, is up to you. 

You can choose to see it for what it really is:  your employer or insurance carriers bullying in hopes to keep the money that you deserve.  That's what it's all about.  Know they will do just about anything to meet this objective.  But you have a choice. A choice to acknowledge your condition and current state.  Realize their actions have nothing to do with your disability, because typically, that's already documented via your medical reports.  Most insurance companies have seen your conditions many, many, times. They place many obstacles in your way in hopes to create a "legitimate" way of disposing of you. In my opinion, the disabled are not important to them. Their bottom line is. Make a decision not to internalize their actions and behaviors.  Make a decision that they are not in control of your destiny, regardless of whether they do the right thing in paying your benefits.  Regardless if they harass you face to face, or secretly moving around your car and home, or other sneaky activities they may be involved in, go on, take care of yourself with all your might.  When you do this, you defeat their objective to devastate emotionally, physically, and financially.

Have you notice cars following you?  There may more than one team.  And their behavior is directed by a lead person.  Sometimes their driving is erratic.  Sometimes purposely to cause confusion, in hopes you will get into an accident.  Sometimes, just because they can't get their act together.  Either way, remember to focus on you and continue to drive as you do normally.  Makes sure to video tape their accidents and traffic tickets received.

Are strangers overly friendly?  Many times, they will come up to you and ask questions. They will try to get you to say things their employer wants to hear.  That's because you've told them something they don't want to hear, and your medical records show something that they don't want to see,  that you are disabled.   If harassers are tired and want to go home, they will try to find out how soon you will be ready.  Ignore that too.  You didn't invite them to come along. 

What's the level of sophistication of your harassers? Do they remind you of James Bond, 007, or Forest Gump?  Each team seems to contain a range of skill levels and personalities, from what I have observed.   Caution is necessary in your dealings with them, but be true to oneself.  Your goals  contrast to theirs, and will provide a more rewarding day, and help to improve your lifestyle.  So regardless of their skill level, continue to do what you've always done. 

How deviant are they?  In my opinion, these people will do anything their employers ask.  How easy it for harassers to get inside your car, home, financials, etc. without your awareness? Unfortunately, it's not difficult for them. Much of our information is easily accessible to those with power, influence, and wealth.  No only are they able to obtain most information about you, I believe many are not above creating their own. 

Employer and insurance carrier's goal is to get as much negative information on you as possible. To place your credibility in question.  But, remember, the facts speak for themselves.  Do not be shamed into conceding.  Let the psychological games they play on you, be turned on them.  Your life has not been perfect nor is theirs. Who hired harassers made a decision that they didn't want to pay regardless of the truth. And, have already demonstrated what they will do to meet their objectives.  The are paying out a pretty penny for you to be harassed 24/7.  This is why ERISA Laws must be changed.  

Do we want only insurance companies and employers determining the quality of our lives by forcing the disabled to endure harassment, intimidation, denying, delaying claims, or visibly or invisibly monitoring the disabled's every move? I would think not.  Let's change how the disabled are treated.  Because the disabled or the abuse endured IS NOT invisible.  Ask us.

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