Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Disability Counter Surveillance - Triumph Through Emotional Strength

ESTRA (Seattle) - It takes courage to face the challenges that everyday living may impose.  Waking up with pain from the day before, cognitive slow thinking, problems physically getting around, the list could be endless.  So being determined no matter what's encountered,  continue to build emotional strength. 
Emotional strength can be gained through triumph each day when dealing with harassment and intimidation.  Observing their behavior provides an understanding of their methods to undermine a successful recovery.  

By learning the actions they perform to induce a reaction, gives insight on what they perceive as weaknesses that can be pounced upon.  Are they working from information in medical history?  Since they follow 24/7, is their strategies to use shame by eliminating privacy?  Perhaps their tactic is to prevent a moment of peace by walking or driving by residence regularly.  Whatever dirty deeds they engage in, do not succumb.  By refusing to give them your personal power, their strategy will fail.  The arrows they throw into your mind miss intended targets and fall away.   

Knowledge learned on how they operate helps to document them.  And builds emotional strength from understanding their tactics and using this information to build on disability counter surveillance. 

Learning to deal with treachery is important.  Especially if you have common decency in the way you live your life.  They play by no rules.  Their objective is to force you into positions or actions that result in the insurance carrier being able to deny claims. And, diminish self value within our minds.  By taking each action and analyzing it, wisdom and emotional strength is achievable. 

See through the illusions created for your demise.  Their acts of deception, provide opportunities to develop emotional strength to overcome these obstacles.  Learn the way their arsenal works.  In this way, peace of mind can be found, wisdom and knowledge is use as protection against harassment and intimidation.  

Triumph can be achieved through emotional strength.  Continue to watch, learn, and grow.  Suffering endured may be difficult.  Use it to make you an overcomer.  Each day, never give in, never give up.  No matter what they say, do, or exploit.  Emotional strength grows through adversity.  And, with emotional strength victory can be achieved.

Remember, this is being accomplished when not at your physical and mental best.  So be proud of merits and keep developing emotional strength.

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