Thursday, December 22, 2011

Disability Counter Surveillance - Helping Each Other

ESTRA (Seattle) - Many, many, people have experience harassment, initiation, delays in payments, loss of medical care, doctor harassment from insurance carriers, and just down right aggravation. By helping each other, we can help change our circumstances and an insurance industry system that no longer works for those who invested into it.  

If it wasn't for us paying into Social Security, many of us would be even worse off. I suspect if they are able to change our current social security system to get their hands on more of our money, they will spend it as well. Leaving us with only a few pennies.

Before wall street gambles it away as if its just a game and has no impact on middle Americans' lives, we need to take what is left out of their systems, and develop our own. Create one which respects and treats us fairly in financial dealings. Currently we get interest rates of 1-3%, while they get at least doubling or tripling of their investments. How fair is that?  They get over ten times as much of a salary, bonuses, privileges, and many of us cannot afford to live a decent life.  It's time to work for us, to support us, and to help ourselves.

They may have most our money now, but we are some of the most talented, determined, people in the world. We made them rich.  We can put what we have left together, and move us to a better place.  A fair place.  And certainly one of more opportunity.

We no longer have to be creative and provide our ideas for them to become wealthier.  We can choose to care for ourselves. To slowly rebuild an America with integrity, dignity, and hope for all people.     Ending the use of divisive games to separate by race, creed, or color.    Playing this card is dead and gone.  It's only good for their peers not ours.  

If insurance companies paid their fair share, many injured or sick individuals would have less stress and spend more time on recovery. Thus, receive support that would allow for reasonable care and living. But systems being what they are, it's not working for people. Why should disability insurance companies be allowed to pay only 10-20% of their agreed benefit because social security benefits are available? Did we not pay for these benefits?  And people being denied social security benefits sometimes then loose their disability insurance and are left in object poverty and poor health...this is not what we agreed to.

Our systems have failed. Corporate greed has exceeded its own levels of hunger, and has become seriously obese. Leaving starving individuals without healthcare, financial stability, safety, or an ability or opportunity to sustain themselves.

If someone contacts you to spy on your neighbors, friends, or family, tell and protect them.  See people being harassed or intimidated? Stand with them. Make a police complaint, so you add to theirs documentation.

Help to change our current laws so they represent the majority, and not the few.  Our future depends on us not being silent.  It's time for taking action to stop the inequities in our system.  Are you ready to start helping?

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