Thursday, December 1, 2011

Disability Counter Surveillance - Finding Your Own Way

If you are in a situation where there are health care concerns, financial issues, taking care of family, and dealing with harassers, take comfort in the journey before you. This experience transforms in a way that creates true grit, determination, and a path into your deepest inner being. At times it may feel like an unbearable burden. Look to the next day until it becomes easier.

Once evolved and transformed, abilities of greater analytical thinking, better observation skills, and stronger convictions are developed.  Being molded and shaped in this way by unfair suffering may be the most intensive thing experienced to date, or just another feather in your cap of pain.  Regardless, the skills learned transfers over into other areas of life, allowing sharper decision making skills for better outcomes.  However you define those outcomes. 

Stay focus and strong, learn from each experience, keep fighting, and remember:  The most important person in this equation is you! Instincts are meant to be followed each day.  They are a guide to help you find your way. 

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