Sunday, December 11, 2011

Disability Counter Surveillance - Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Seattle (ESTRA) - How should insurance companies treat long-term disability insureds? One shouldn't need to ask such a question. But unfortunately, this is not true.

Why would anyone one need to tell a large conglomerate business, that treating one with dignity and living up to the initial contract of helping an insured once some unforeseen event has occurred, is important?  How did the ones once looked up to, become the ones now mostly viewed with disdain?  What has happened to our content of character?  Or leading by example?
No delay, stalling, harassing, or intimidation should follow activating a claim.  What happen to honesty and integrity?  Have our souls become so dysfunctional and aligned with evil that we cannot see what is best for all concerned?  Being made whole for the disable person is the goal, while the insurance company is to pay the least amount possible.  Why has this turned into a greed contest, instead of support for each other?

We have lost sight of the goals.  We all loose with the level of distrust, animosity, and the battles that ensues.

Do the right thing, pay your insureds and treat them with respect.  Don't underwrite more policies than you can afford.  Don't take it out on the people who place their faith and trust in you.   And in return a new reputation will emerge for the insurance industry and a level of cooperation from the insureds that existed long ago before greed encompassed a strategic plan for profits.
What comes around goes around.  When your number comes up, how will you be treated?  I suspect when this same amount of suffering is endured, individually, you will change your tune.
Many companies spend more money harassing their insureds than the values of their claims.  Many of these tactics are not legal, and many that are legal, shouldn't be.  The only way to put an end to these bad faith practices is to: 
  1.  Unite and move our policies to an insurance company that  treat us fairly;
  2. Change the laws to remove the greed factor out of the insurance industry;
  3. Tighter regulation on their abilities to investigate and perform surveillance on their insureds;
  4.  And perhaps add  "occupy insurance companies" to occupy wall street, in an effort to bring about much needed changes.
The bad faith practices are meant for one purpose only, self preservation at the outrageous expense of their insureds.

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