Sunday, December 25, 2011

Disability Counter Surveillance - A New Years Attitude

Seattle(ESTRA) - Whew! Making it through a year of harassment and intimidation is no small endeavor. The decision to stand, not run, and speak of the unequal powers that contribute to allowing the disabled to be treated with such disdain in America means each one of us can make a difference.  The fact that we are allowed to be treated this way is shameful. Becoming disabled should not be met with harassment and intimidation, but with wisdom, knowledge, respect, and consideration.

Statistics show becoming whole again, or getting as close as we can, is the goal of over 95% of the disabled.  Returning to where we were, or to a better life is our goal, like many others.  

If harassers and intimidators had their way, either for job security, or just because they were bullied as a child, they would keep us focused on them.  Providing the undying attention they seek.  And providing their employer with the hope of sending the disabled to the poor house, and their employer on an extended vacation with the money we paid out in premiums.

Never-the-less, starting with a positive outlook, tools to provide some protection of your privacy, a plan to improve you physical and mental health, will go a long way in making it a successful year.
So here are some suggestion that may help in making  a good year:
1.  Set a single goal to accomplish each month.  This means an automatic 12 items achieved.
2.  Read three articles on disability counter surveillance for adding new ideas to your arsenal of privacy techniques and methods of documenting harassers.
3.  Set aside 20 minutes each day to dream where life can take you.
4.  Share your knowledge with one person this year who is being harassed, and provide them with encouragement.
5.  Take care of yourself.
6.  Support a movement to change our ERISA laws or insurance industry harassment and intimidation of the disabled.
7.  Lastly, remember to laugh.  It can help to keep a balanced point of view. 

Happy New Year!

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