Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Disability Pain And Sadness - Disability Counter Surveillance

Step Away From Harassment & Intimidation. Remember There Is More To Living.
ESTRA (Seattle) - In today's world, trying to stay ahead both economically and socially, isn't easy for the fittest of us.   Due to pain, you're not at your best, and sadness creeps in because of weariness.  You look up and see individuals overtly spying on your every emotion and action. It's enough to "set off" the most composed person and allow the making of headline news in the worst way.

Instead of letting surveillance get the best of you, do the unexpected.  Become your own best advocate.  Video record and take pictures of their inappropriate behavior.  As they pass by your car for the fifth time in fifteen minutes, or stand directly in front of your car for twenty minutes in an attempt to intimidate or harass you, record or take pictures of them.   Build a library of your documentation.  Take action and do not be victimized.

Remember to take a minute to enjoy pleasant moments.  Don't let them destroy the few good instances you find while enduring your pain.       
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