Wednesday, July 17, 2013

You & Summer Fun

SEATTLE (ESTRA) --After a car accident, pain and suffering may make it difficult to get into the summer mood.  Especially if it’s been a long recovery.  Yet, throwing a little sunshine into life can bring a short reprieve from an aching, hurting body.

Being reminded of better days or thinking of future possibilities may reinvigorate your soul.  The lightness of this season has an optimistic air.  Taking part in this atmosphere, although  uncomfortable, yet, this may provide a reprieve from trauma.

What are some of your  favorite past summer activities?  Is it possible to watch similar events on the Internet, Television, DVD, or Audio?  Many people attend sport events and participate by cheering on others.  This may be an opportunity to be in the passenger seat, so to speak, as past memories or future dreams create an enjoyable experience.  Summer is meant for your pleasure too!

In life, one can always count on change.  Your current condition will change providing opportunities to regain life’s moments in old or new ways.  Summer is a great time to stay or gain hopefulness.  It’s one recovery step at a time.  The warm feeling of sunshine, looking at  blue sky, a gentle touch of river water, or sitting in a comfortable chair outdoors, any thing which can bring the spirit of summer into your soul.

Take this opportunity to enjoy this time in big or small ways.  It’s really about taking care of yourself and taking time to relax.  Summertime is a great period to find ways which best suit your needs for refreshment. 

Enjoy today.  -ESTRA

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