Sunday, February 10, 2013

You & Your Heart On Valentine's Day

SEATTLE (ESTRA) - Your heart is an important part of you, from my experience.  It contains the elements to motivate or discourage.  When it’s full of love there is a glow, a light that shines through.  A  desire to be open to give and receive what surrounds you.  When a heart is full of despair and anxiety, fear encapsulates all or most of one’s being, turning one into a slave of those things or people who want to control, destroy, or manipulate.  Thus, leaving a person’s heart broken, shattered, and in need of much repair.  When it’s full of anger and hate, which in my opinion is one the worst thing possible, it brings destruction to the person whom it’s within, and spews out poison that can infect all those who surround them.  Therefore, leaving a trail of misery and pain, which can takes years to recover from, if at all.

"Take good care of your heart and those you love." - ESTRA
Is this light bright enough to cause a migraine headache?
What is the best things you can do for this Valentine’s Day for the heart?  Share kindness, generosity, and, yes, oh yes, love.  Real love.  The kind that brings forth goodness.  The kind that heals a broken heart.  The kind you feel good about, which brings life when shared, allowing growth and opportunities to be felt and seen by those in receipt. In addition this pumps love back inside your own heart,  bringing satisfaction and joy that can only be generated by sharing a real part of you, in a very special way.

For an aching injured body from a car accident, care of the heart is like a aromatherapy salve.  A massage bringing relieve to the heart and allowing blood to flow rhythmically throughout the body, which creates feelings of being complete and whole.  A body that heals is able to help others by sharing this same love or concern.  The gift of love to the heart can perform miracles on the soul, and bring health and recovery so much sooner, from my perspective. 

This Valentines Day, when thinking of love, I’m mean true love, remember all a heart can accomplished. A single act of compassion, a connection which gives more than it receives  from what is inside your heart.  This is all it takes.  Try it and see.  It may transform your life as well as the person whom enjoys the gift.  

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