Sunday, October 23, 2011

Disability Counter Surveillance And Insurance Companies

All insurance companies are not created equal in the treatment of their own insureds or those seeking compensation due to a claim. One of the most important thing you can do for yourself and family is investigate how your perspective insurance carrier treats it's current insureds.

In my opinion, you can tell a great deal about an insurance company by how they deal with someone seeking compensation for a claim. If they treat them with respect and compensate them at market rate, typically the treat their insureds with dignity. If you find a carrier, delaying, stalling, and low balling you, my recommendation would be to keep searching or switch companies.

When there is fair consideration from all involved, and a honest assessment, everyone receives respect. It's a win-win situation for everyone. A review of the insurance company's track record is a good indication of how they will treat your family when needing help. A good time to find out about their integrity level is before an emergency happens.

There is a lot of information online to help with decision making. Sometimes you will have to dig around their ads to find it, but it's there. And well worth your time.

Plus, placing our money with companies that treat us fair, with respect, and dignity will send a message. And we need to be heard. Occupy Wall Street should extend to this industry. It would go a long way in helping to level the playing field. I'm glad we are beginning to think in terms of everyone versus individually. The days of those "selfish" ads are dead and gone. We can see the destruction created from them.

So until this industry reconsiders their stand of how to treat it's insureds, my advice is to do your homework. It will protect your family and send a message that insurance companies should be accountable for how the treat policy holders and those with claims. 

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