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Insurance and Medical Industry

Insurance Companies having you followed? Recognize Plates?

Seattle (ESTRA) - For generations, the care and concern of healthcare was in the hands of patients, who were responsible for paying medical care cost, which typically was after the Insurance Company sent the check to their Insured.

What did this do?  It kept the balance of power between the Policyholders’ rights and Insurance Companies rights.  Unfortunately, as Wall Street often does, and as Politicians are doing today, the ideas being put forth is not equal for all, but for those already with enough greed and power to last them a lifetime.  However, this leaves majority of The People in a bad place, if not putting them in graves before their time. 

Why did Insurance Companies want to decide when and how much Medical Providers are paid?  Control. Yes controlling Patients and Medical Industry not only saves them money but allows them to decide who lives and who dies. How?  Delays in payments can closed down Medical Institutions, allow patients to die without authorization of care, and keep their Investors satisfied.

The origins of Insurance does not have its design in corporate self-protection at all cost.  The mission of insurance was in case of emergency consumers with a policy could reduce their risk of calamity.  Somehow Insurance Industry has been transformed into a risk reduction for itself and investors, not its consumers.  This transfer of missions has hurt the very people it was suppose to protect.

The same is true for both public and private insurance companies.  Social Security Administration acts the same as private companies, especially when lead by a Republican Government.  When American Citizens become less important to Wall Street than itself the country forgets why it became one of the best places in the world. In this current environment fewer foreigners are willing to visit the USA.  Losing our stature in the word because of a few selfish companies may be one of the saddest times in our history.

Citizens must become educated and run for political office to fend off some of the greed that currently is affecting our society.  The taste in the mouth of a few may not sour in their mouths, but is bitter on the taste buds of majority of people living with consequences of their actions. 

Equality, fairness, compassion, courage, and doing the right things cannot be of the past in this country.  Each of us is responsible for keeping the values which holds our way of life.  Twenty percent have been holding country up. Now it’s time for at least 75% to take up restoration hopes and dreams this country is built upon. 

Insured Civil Rights Legislation will be passed by a Congress who looks out primarily for Policyholders needing help and support, not by Politicians and Insurance Lobbyist looking out for themselves.  Respect and dignity for people who have built this land and want this country’s high standards and welcoming arms creates an environment which reflects who we are and continue to be as a country. 

As long as Insurance Industry controls Benefits, Settlements, or Medical Care, fairness and equality may elude us.  If we are finally awaken as a country, we must look into every avenue and make corrections where injustice and unfairness is found.  

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