Wednesday, September 4, 2013

You & Cold Weather After Injury

Cold weather and chronic pain usually means difficult days ahead.

SEATTLE (ESTRA) --Are you just getting use to the hot weather?  Can you feel the season changing to a colder weather pattern?  Oh, how wonderfully warm, the heat can feel on those aching bones, what a relief sunshine can bring and change outlook on a day.  Just what is causing differences in pain levels?  
What are you noticing with the weather physically? 

Fall Season brings beautiful colors, but also changes in chronic pain.  Living in a location where there are all four seasons with an injury after a car accident, one may become sensitive to differences in weather patterns.

Many chronic pain patients recognize the weather change, but are unsure why it is affecting pain levels. Finding answers to these question can be insightful, helpful, and allow recognition and awareness if there is an increase in pain during seasonal changes.  Today will be an exploration on the question on why.

Most, times, thoughts of the weather come only at severe levels such as an earthquake, tornadoes, windstorms and the like.  Usually, mild changes in conditions do not require our attention, and therefore receive very little of it.

However, when barometric pressure changes and therefore generate a physical response, many pain suffers can experience an increase the level of discomfort.  Recognizing and understanding what is happening physically, can allow individuals to realize what is happening to their bodies. Additionally, humidity and heat  also may influence pain levels.  And, depending on the amount of scar tissue at points of injury, the affect can be mild to severe.  

By understanding what happens with your body physically upon temperature changes, this allows the opportunity to adjust ones plans accordingly and prepare for a possible increase in pain.  On the good side, one can begin planning for the season soon approaching. New research is helping people to understand chronic pain better and learn about this condition.  

When answers are forthcoming, they can bring peace and comfort to a situation with little of both in some circumstance.  Being able to answer the question about an injury caused in an accident and cold weather temperatures will be one more issues that can be put to rest.  This topic has been researched by many and provide valuable insight.  Find ways of coping and continue on with life.  A good starting point is listening to "Talking About You with ESTRA" on Blog Talk Radio down below.  Or watching it at ESTRATV on Youtube under estrasblog.  The key is getting the answers you need to make life better.

Enjoy the beautiful colors this fall season. 

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