Thursday, April 18, 2013

You & National Library Week April

SEATTLE (ESTRA) --Children find the Library as a place of adventure.  A learning style that keeps them asking and being able to answer questions.  Library Story Times engage kids and parents alike and spurs their creativity to explore the world around them.  It is an education which allows one to learn more about topics which holds interest and perhaps give rise to dreams of destiny.

Library family time can be an enjoyable event, where we share thoughts and feelings about things encountered, and find information which makes it more interesting while relating experiences to others.  

And when the unthinkable happens, a Car Accident, there are rows of books with material regarding your condition, suggestions that may spark ideas to help in your recovery,  experiences of others, medical information and research about what is known now and what people are working towards for the future.  There are possibly books, videos, audios, and internet access allowing you to find resources on whatever you seek to learn.  There is Insurance, Employer, Disability, along with many topics related to Personal Injury.

The accuracy of these resources brings past, current, and future visions of where our world has been and where it is going.  Fortunately, knowledgeable Librarians and Staff eager to assist in locating books, magazines, videos, research information, or internet retrieval also share their vast knowledge on topics.

In my opinion, this is a good use of our tax dollars at work.  This provides inexpensive services which allow citizens to grow intellectually as human beings, a depository of our experiences, discoveries, and continuing technological advancements.  Libraries open the door to our minds and allow people to seek out and search as far as our curiosity will go.  Other interesting and curious people will be there.  And, provides a time for relaxation from day to day struggles of dealing with a car collision.  This week, join in on events planned by your local library.  Make sure to thank them for their continual hard work and support.  Take someone with you.  Expose them to a world that can be limitless in its ability to share more knowledge than typically one person can hold.

Visit your local Library this week and join in on the fun.  It is a place where everyone is welcome.  It belongs to all of us.  National Library Week April

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