Sunday, August 5, 2012

Blue Angels Enjoyable, Despite Harassment - Disability Counter Surveillance

U.S. Navy Pilot,  Blue Angels Participating in Seafair.
On Saturday, participation in SeaFair is an annual event in Seattle, Washington.  Watching the Blue Angels perform their outstanding flying talents, is quite amazing.  The U.S. Navy Pilots bring joy with their many incredible flying patterns to viewing spectators, including me.  

Finding a good location is worth the effort in order to get as close to the planes as possible. Many can only dream about possessing such skills.  Thank you, Blue Angels for all the pleasure you bring to Seattle.

The Blue Angels are enjoyable, despite the constant harassment and intimidation.  The civilized, respectful harassers stood in the midst of spectators and enjoyed watching the planes do their routines, and conversed with neighbors and visitors.  The other half, the uncouth ones, drove up and down the streets, harassing, and endangering the children as well as adults.  Their continued circling like vultures, was not only a distraction, but could have ended in tragedy.  

This event comes around yearly, and disabled and abled alike should be able to enjoy it without being bullied. 
Coming Up The Hill Near Children & Adults

Going Down The Hill & Street In Mist Of Spectators

Street Roundabout With Many By-Standers In Front

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