Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wipe Your Nose - Disability Counter Surveillance

Do Not Fall For Harassment And Intimidation Tactics
Seattle (ESTRA) - Does the ability to wipe your nose mean you can work?  If insurance companies and self-insured employers have their way, that's more than enough qualifications.  Is the concern about productivity?  Is the concern about the impact it would have on your current health?  In my opinion, it's only about the bottom line.  Why else would they be willing to spend excessive amounts of money in attempts to harass and intimidate insureds into submission?  This can't be for the betterment of their insured.  Because, in my opinion, most insureds reflect a brokenness from the callous behavior.

Most individuals want to find purpose in their life, even with debilitating injuries.  Giving and getting, the ebb and flow, in a work environment provides sparks to guide personal growth.  Almost everyone wants their lives to progress in this way.  Many people are loyal to their employers, and honest with their insurance companies, almost to their detriment.  However, when injured or struck with disease, these same individual are forced to endure harassment and intimidation by these companies.  Where is the justice?  No other companies on any grounds has a pass to abuse their insureds.  Why is it acceptable in this case?  Money.  I personally disagree with this way of thinking.  Not only is it cruel and vindictive, but allows the injured or sick few recourse in improving a system set up to do them harm.

Congress, what is it going to take for you to put fair legislation in place against these ERISA policies?  How many deaths need to occur because of less resources?  Can't see them?  What about the pain and suffering felt by families?  Can't see that either?

I challenge you to look into the length of time harassment and intimidation goes on, how insurance companies and self-insured employers have used this power against the disabled, and the financial gains to these companies from this behavior.

Being able to wipe your nose is no indication of your ability to work. Do not be shamed into doing things anyone who is not blind or paid off could see.  There are many examples of false claims just to get the injured back to work, only to fire them because of not being able to do the job.  Common sense and being your best advocate, whether being able to blow your nose or not, should determine your actions.

Unfair harassment and intimidation from injury or disease demonstrates a lack of care and concern from self-insured employers and insurance companies.  The times we hear about them doing the right thing is when the disabled stands their ground. Here's to those disabled. Go ahead, wipe your nose.

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Insurers do delay payments in hopes to discourage Insured. All of us standing together can turn these behaviors around. We don’t have to put up with this individually or as a country. We are millions strong, with great minds and creativity. Harassment and intimidation by Insurers can be stopped. How? By each individual who’s been preyed upon after filing Auto Insurance, ERISA, LTD, and Social Security Claims join me, ESTRA to pass Insured Civil Rights Legislation. This will end Insurers ability to keep benefits and settlements by making Insured Disability Surveillance Targets. Best Recovery Wishes, ESTRA