Friday, September 16, 2011

Disability Counter Surveillance - Laughter With A Friend

Seattle (ESTRA) - I had no idea how laughter with a friend could change my attitude regarding being harassed by surveillance. I invited a friend of mine out to lunch, as a way of saying thank you for her thoughtfulness. As soon as she arrived, a surveillance employee came up behind her as she was speaking to me. I immediately took his picture. Soon after that, she was able to spot them herself.

My friend began engaging with them though comments they could over hear and gestures that encourage them to respond.  Watching the interactions was hilarious and brought a different point of view to a very annoying situations. I had not laugh this much since my injuries.  Taking their behavior serious at that moment was interrupted.  It appeared to be more like the three stooges, Curly, Moe,  and Larry attempting to show a high level of intelligence.  It just didn't seem possible. 

So taking a friend out to lunch just might be what you need.

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